Leader Coaching

"Where do you want to go?"

Customized leadership coaching and talent development engagements are structured based upon your personal and business objectives.

Key qualities of transformational  experience:

  • Accountability: Responsibility to hold you accountable for your growth, development and integrity in the things you say and do, or don’t do.
  • Challenging: Challenge you to embrace discomfort at levels you never thought possible.
  • Passionately Curious: Your coach will inquire and listen at a level of passionate curiosity that you have never experienced before.

Advisory Board

"You are not alone."

Exclusive, confidential advisory board of your peers. World-class speakers who challenge your thinking, and trusted community offering reliable advice.

  • 90-min coaching monthly
  • 4 world class speakers
  • 22,000 members worldwide

Vistage member companies grow 2.2x faster than average small and midsize U.S. businesses.

Vistage Values:

  • Trust
  • Caring
  • Challenge
  • Growth

Talent Development

"Hire Smart. Inspire Greatness"

The Predictive Index (PI) software makes it easy to understand exactly what you need from your next hire. Target your job requirements through a short assessment and you'll be finding matching candidates in no time.

The PI Behavioral Assessment™ is a six minute free-choice assessment that extrapolates behavior into four core drives which predict workplace behaviors and motivating needs. Send assessments out in just a few clicks and dive deeply into a world of insights.

The PI Cognitive Assessment™ is a 12-minute timed assessment that measures an individual’s capacity to learn, adapt, and grasp new concepts in the workplace. The PI software has built-in protections to ensure only administrators with proper access can send and view results of the Cognitive Assessment.

The PI software helps you to quickly rank your candidates against your targeted job requirements to help you hire confidently. Uncover gaps between what you need and who applied.

Engaging the Human Experience... Enriching the Journey

  • What is your purpose?
  • How do keep from becoming the bottleneck?
  • How do you think about thinking?
  • How do you lead by asking inspiring questions?
  • How do you lead leaders?

Kirk's purpose is elevating leaders and enriching the journey. Attaining your highest ambitions requires growth, change, support, clarity and strategy. As your Professional Coach, and Vistage Chair, he provides an environment of accountability, responsibility, trust, respect and commitment that fuels results.

Reviews for Kirk McMillan:

"Kirk has forced my thinking around the big picture instead of getting bogged down in the daily work" Jason Burke, CEO, The New Primal

"Accountability in each coaching session with Kirk continues to be impactful" Lindsay Nevin, CEO, The Flyway Companies

"Sessions with Kirk bring a feeling of clarity." Andy McCarthy, Co-Owner, King of Pops

"The amount of feedback I receive during coaching sessions with Kirk and the difference in my thinking has exceeded my expectations." Aaron Siegel, Founder, Home Team BBQ

"Kirk brings focus and self awareness across a spectrum of topics" Adam Baslow, CEO and C0-Owner, New Leaf Builders

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Next Steps...

Are you faced with a significant challenge or opportunity and looking for better results? Contact Kirk and learn how Professional coaching will improve your business and your life.